SWSV requirements

This page refines the requirements specified on the course's description page.


To obtain the signature students have to

  • complete successfully the required number of lab (seminar) exercises AND
  • complete successfully all three phases of the home assignment.

Lab exercises:

  • Completion of an exercise have to be documented with screenshots (the required screenshots are defined in the exercise materials).
  • The screenshots taken on labN by student with Neptun ID ABCDEF should be placed to the labN/ABCDEF/ folder of the lab branch. Please upload screenshots only (jpg/png), no documentation is needed (pdf/doc/odt/etc. files will not be evaluated). Also, please do not create subdirectories.
  • The deadline for uploading the screenshots is 23:59 of the Sunday after the second lab session of the given exercise (every lab session is repeated on odd and even weeks, the second session is on even weeks). See the page of the lab for the exact dates.

Home assignment:

  • Every phase is graded on a scale of 0 to 10 points. The team has to get at least 4 points to complete the given phase successfully.
  • By default each team member receives the team's point, unless the team reports different work distribution. Allocating points to individual team members is then discussed with the instructors. If the result of the discussion is that a team member has not contributed enough to the actual phase even though the lead or other team members warned the team member about her tasks, then the team member will not complete the given phase.
  • All three phases have to be completed successfully to complete the home assignment.


  • Signature is required to take an exam.
  • The exam has a theoretical and a practical part. At least 40% of the points is required from both parts separately to pass the exam.
  • If someone passed the exam, then there is the possibility to have a short oral exam on the spot during the checking of the exam to improve the final grade (+1/-1 grade).

Final grade

If a student passes an exam, then the formula to calculate the student's final performance is the following:

P_HA = (sum of points of the student for the home assignment phases) / (sum of max points of each phase)

P_EXAM = (points obtained on the exam) / (max points of exam)

P_FINAL = (0.5 * P_HA) + (0.5 * P_EXAM)

The final grade is determined using the following intervals (updated):

P_FINAL < 0.4 → fail (1)

0.40 ≤ P_FINAL < 0.53 → pass (2)

0.53 ≤ P_FINAL < 0.66 → satisfactory (3)

0.66 ≤ P_FINAL < 0.80 → good (4)

0.80  P_FINAL → excellent (5)