SWSV labs


Rooms I.B.413


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  • Every student has to submit screenshots to document completion of each lab session.
  • Only screenshots are needed (jpg or png files), please do not upload anything else (report, doc, pdf...).
  • The screenshots taken on labN by student with Neptun ID ABCDEF should be placed to the labN/ABCDEF/ folder of the lab branch of the repository of the student's team.

Scheduling (2020 Fall)

Half of the students have labs on odd weeks, while the others on even weeks (based on enrollment in the NEPTUN system). G1, G2 and GA means the different course codes in NEPTUN.

The Deadline column lists the deadline for uploading the screenshots documenting the completion of the lab.

G1 G2 GA Lab Deadline
09.17 09.24 09.24 LAB0: Motivational example and introduction to the home assignment 2020-09-25 16:00
10.01 10.08 10.08

LAB1: Verifying specifications. Static analysis tools

2020-10-09 16:00
10.15 10.22 10.22 LAB2: Test design. Integration testing 2020-10-23 16:00
10.29 11.05 11.05 LAB3: Code-based test generators 2020-11-06 16:00
11.26 11.19 11.19

LAB4: Model-based test generators
Note: 12th November is a day off (TDK)

2020-11-20 16:00
12.10 12.03 12.03 LAB5: Verifying architectural and detailed designs 2020-12-04 16:00