Derived Features for EMF by Integrating Advanced Model Queries

TitleDerived Features for EMF by Integrating Advanced Model Queries
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRáth, I., Hegedüs, Á., and Varró, D.
Conference Name8th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications
Date Published06/2012
Conference LocationKgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Keywordsderived features, IncQuery, query, Viatra

When designing complex domain-specific languages, meta-models are frequently enriched with derived features that correspond to attribute values or references (edges) representing computed informa-tion in the model. In the popular Eclipse Modeling Framework, these are typically implemented as imperative Java code.

In the paper, we propose to integrate the EMF-IncQuery model query framework to the Ecore metamodeling infrastructure in order to facilitate the efficient and automated (re-)computation of derived attributes and references over EMF models. Such an integration allows to define derived features using an expressive graph-based model query language, and offers high performance and scalability thanks to the incremental evalu-ation technique of EMF-IncQuery. In addition, our approach offers to automate two typical associated challenges of EMF tools: (1) values of derived features are immediately recalculated upon model changes and (2) notifications are sent automatically to other EMF model elements to report changes in derived features.

NotesAcceptance rate: 31%