Automated verification and validation of UML-based models of information systems



OTKA (Hungarian National Scientific Research Fund)



Project leader:

András Pataricza, Ph.D.


György Csertán, István Majzik, Gábor Huszerl, Judit Jávorszky, Csaba Szász, András Petri Jr., Károly Tilly

Project aim:

The main objective of the proposed research is the development of a methodology for the automatic validation and verification of dependable systems described by means of UML.
The framework of the current research a general transformation description and generation framework will be developed based on a pattern matchind approach.
This framework will be used to implement pilot transformations evaluating the qualitativ correcness attributes of systems having a dynamic structure. The methodology will be extended to evaluate systems of a regular structure.

Further information:

András Pataricza, Ph.D.