Modeling and Parameter Estimation of the Primary Circuit of Paks

CímModeling and Parameter Estimation of the Primary Circuit of Paks
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2008
SzerzőkBartha, T.
Konferencia neveNPPIAEA Regional Workshop on "Modernization Projects of NPP Instrumentation and Control Systems Related to Power Uprates and Licence Renewals Project (RER/4/027)"
Kiadás dátuma2008
Konferencia helyszíneBécs

Our goal was to create a new, simple, and low dimensional nonlinear dynamic model of the primary circuit in a VVER-type nuclear power plant. The model, that is able to capture the most important dynamics of the system in normal operating modes, has been developed from first engineering principles. The model includes the description of the main control loops in the system, too. The model has been verified and validated by using measured data from three VVER-440 units of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary, and an accurate fit has been obtained. This qualifies the model to be the basis for the integrated re-design of the primary control loops.

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