MoDeS3: Model-Based Demonstrator for Smart and Safe Cyber-Physical Systems

CímMoDeS3: Model-Based Demonstrator for Smart and Safe Cyber-Physical Systems
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2018
SzerzőkVörös, A., Búr, M., Ráth, I., Horváth, Á., Micskei, Z., Balogh, L., Hegyi, B., Horváth, B., Mázló, Z., and Varró, D.
SzerkesztőDutle, A., Muñoz, C., and Narkawicz, A.
Konferencia neveNASA Formal Methods
KiadóSpringer International Publishing
Konferencia helyszíneCham

We present MoDeS3, a complex research demonstrator illustrating the combined use of model-driven development, formal verification, safety engineering and IoT technologies for smart and safe cyber-physical systems. MoDeS3 represents a smart transportation system-of-systems composed of a model railway and a crane which may automatically load and unload cargo from trains where both subsystems need to fulfill functional and safety requirements. The demonstrator is built by using the model-based software engineering principle, while the system level safety is ensured by the combined use of design-time and runtime verification and validation techniques.