New Search Strategies for the Petri Net CEGAR Approach

CímNew Search Strategies for the Petri Net CEGAR Approach
Közlemény típusaBook Chapter
Kiadás éve2015
SzerzőkHajdu, Á., Vörös, A., and Bartha, T.
SzerkesztőDevillers, R., and Valmari, A.
KönyvcímApplication and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency
SorozatcímLecture Notes in Computer Science
KulcsszavakAbstraction, CEGAR, ILP, Petri nets, Reachability analysis

Petri nets are a successful formal method for the modeling and verification of asynchronous, concurrent and distributed systems. Reachability analysis can provide important information about the behavior of the model. However, reachability analysis is a computationally hard problem, especially when the state space is infinite. Abstraction-based techniques are often applied to overcome complexity. In this paper we analyze an algorithm, which uses counterexample guided abstraction refinement. This algorithm proved its efficiency on the model checking contest. We examine the algorithm from a theoretical and practical point of view. On the theoretical side, we show that the algorithm cannot decide reachability for relatively simple instances. We propose a new iteration strategy to explore the invariant space, which extends the set of decidable problems. We also give proofs on the theoretical limits of our approach. On the practical side, we examine different search strategies and we present our new, complex strategy with superior performance compared to traditional strategies. Measurements show that our new contributions perform well for traditional benchmark models as well.