Termination Criteria for Model Transformation

CímTermination Criteria for Model Transformation
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2005
SzerzőkEhrig, H., Ehrig, K., de Lara, J., Taentzer, G., Varró, D., and Varró-Gyapay, S.
SzerkesztőCerioli, M.
Konferencia neveProc. FASE 2005: Internation Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
Kiadás dátumaApril
Konferencia helyszíneEdinburgh, UK,

% Model transformation has become central to most software engineering activities. It refers to the process of modifying a (usually graphical) model for the purpose of analysis (by its transformation to some other domain), optimization, evolution, migration or even code generation. In this work, we show termination criteria for model transformation based on graph transformation. This framework offers visual and formal techniques based on rules, in such a way that model transformations can be subject to analysis. Previous results on graph transformation are extended by proving the termination of a transformation if the rules applied meet certain criteria. We show the suitability of the approach by an example in which we translate a simplified version of Statecharts into Petri nets for functional correctness analysis.

JegyzetekAcceptance rate: 22%