UML Specification of Model Transformation Systems

Cím{UML} Specification of Model Transformation Systems
Közlemény típusaMiscellaneous
Kiadás éve2000
SzerzőkVarró, D., Domokos, P., and Pataricza, A.
Kiadás dátumaOctober
KiadóBudapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Measurement and Information Systems
Kiadás nyelveeng
ÖsszefoglalásThe design of complex, dependable systems requires a precise formal verification of design decisions during the system modelling phase. For that reason, the mathematical models of various formal verification tools are planned to be automatically derived from the system model usually described by UML-diagrams. In the current paper, a general framework for an automated model transformation system is introduced providing a uniform formal description method of such transformations by applying the powerful computational paradigm of graph transformation. Model transformation rules are constructed in a modular way using a visual UML notation as representation in order to provide a closer correspondence with industrial techniques.