Visualization of Traceability Models with Domain-specific Layouting

CímVisualization of Traceability Models with Domain-specific Layouting
Közlemény típusaJournal Article
Kiadás éve2011
SzerzőkHegedüs, Á., Ujhelyi, Z., Ráth, I., and Horváth, Á.
FolyóiratElectronic Communications of the EASST, Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools
Kiadás dátuma04/2011

Traceability models are often used to describe the correspondence between source and target models of model transformations. Although the visual representation of such models are important for transformation development and application, mostly ad-hoc solutions are present in industrial environments. In this paper we present a user interface component for visualizing traceability models inside transformation frameworks. As generic graph visualization methods fail to emphasize the underlying logical structure of our model, we used domain-specific layouts by customizing generic graph layout algorithms with data from the metamodels used during the transformation. This approach was evaluated, among others, with the traceability models generated by a BPEL verification transformation, which serves as our running example.