Back-annotation of Simulation Traces with Change-Driven Model Transformations

CímBack-annotation of Simulation Traces with Change-Driven Model Transformations
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2010
SzerzőkHegedüs, Á., Bergmann, G., Ráth, I., and Varró, D.
Konferencia neveProceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods
Kiadás dátuma09/2010
KiadóIEEE Computer Society
Konferencia helyszínePisa

Model-driven analysis aims at detecting design flaws early in high-level design models by automatically de-riving mathematical models. These analysis models are sub-sequently investigated by formal verification and validation (V&V) tools, which may retrieve traces violating a certain requirement. Back-annotation aims at mapping back the results of V&V tools to the design model in order to highlight the real source of the fault, to ease making necessary amendments. Here we propose a technique for the back-annotation of sim-ulation traces based on change-driven model transformations. Simulation traces of analysis models will be persisted as a change model with high-level change commands representing macro steps of a trace. This trace is back-annotated to the design model using change-driven transformation rules, which bridge the conceptual differences between macro steps in the analysis and design traces. Our concepts will be demonstrated on the back-annotation problem for analyzing BPEL processes using a Petri net simulator.

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